04 August 2007

Combining Multiple PDFs on MacOS X

This week I had to concatenate multiple PDFs into a single PDF. I have worked with Postscript in the past and I could hack together a script to do it, but I didn't have the time to do this so I resorted to Google. There I located Combine PDFs which worked like a charm.

The really interesting thing about working with PDFs on MacOS X is that Apple provides lots of libraries for working with PDFs in MacOS X and Combine PDFs just makes use of these libraries. Even the source code is provided on the website if you're interested to plow through to understand how this is implemented. Very nice ;-).

Now I need to click the PayPal link to give the author some cash. I have no problem doing this as the software was a very big help to me when I was in a crunch. Thanks!

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