25 February 2008

Service Oriented Integration Made Easy With Apache Camel

Rob and James have published a great introduction to Apache Camel named SOA Made Easy with Open Source Apache Camel. This is a very light intro but it serves as a good example of how really easy Camel is to understand but how really powerful it can be. Digging into Camel is really quite easy and a lot of fun. In a short amount of time you will be easily routing messages between endpoints. Camel offers integration into a wide range of technologies using Camel URIs. For more information, see the Camel website.

A word of warning: This article is published at SysCon whose website I can hardly bear to open because of all cruft. Luckily I run a hosts file full of URLs for known advertisers that I route to a dead end so I don't see many ads.

13 February 2008

Public Training for ActiveMQ and ServiceMix

IONA is offering some public trainings for both Apache ActiveMQ and Apache ServiceMix. The following dates are the first two:

London,UK - March 11-14
Waltham, MA - March 17-20

There's even a pricing break by signing up for both classes. For information, see the Public Training page on the Open.IONA website.

IONA utilizes the products from its FUSE line of products that are based on Apache products for these trainings. But everything from the training transfers without issue to the Apache versions as well.

07 February 2008

Anti-Merger Flickr Group Bashing Microsoft

For those who may not be aware of it, Mircosoft has made an offer to acquire Yahoo! recently and the uproar that it has created around the globe has been interesting to say the least. If you haven't already seen this Flickr group yet, you should check it out because it's damn funny. The name of the group is the MICROSOFT: KEEP YOUR EVlL GRUBBY HANDS OFF OF OUR FLICKR. Currently there are over 260 photos and nearly 2700 members of the group. My favorite images is on the left-hand side of this blog post ;-).

06 February 2008

In Dublin, Ireland This Week

My third trip to Dublin, Ireland in the last four months and even though I was determined to see some sights this time around, it's just not going to happen. I'm here delivering an internal training to a group of IONA folks this week. Insofar as the training is concerned, I believe things going fairly well. Unfortunately this is no small feat because I arrived on Monday and came down with something. I've had a fever since Monday afternoon and I've felt like death all this week. The upside is that I've only got two days left so hopefully I can plow ahead and complete the training. The downside is that I've got over 12 hours of air travel coming up on Saturday to get back home to Colorado in this condition. Crikey :-(.