18 October 2007

Dublin, Ireland Again

I'm back in Dublin again for more meetings. My flight on the way over got diverted due to a medical emergency and we had to land for a couple hours in Halifax, Novascotia Canada. That was a first time experience. This meant that my flight was delayed and I showed up to my own presentation with about 30 minutes left. Luckily James covered for me and handled things.

It was good to meet so many folks at these two days of meetings. There were certainly a lot of topics covered. Oisin and I even got to work together a bit talking about the Fuse Eclipse Tooling and how we're going to take it forward. Unfortunately this is another very short trip due to the EU. It's not fun traveling for a day to get here, stay for two days and travel for another day to get home. But I do like Dublin.

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