16 April 2008

OpenEJB 3.0 Certified and Ready to Rock

After helping to achieve Java EE 5 certification for Apache Geronimo last summer, OpenEJB 3.0 has now been polished and is ready to rock with full support for EJB 3.0 and beyond.

My good friend David Blevins discusses the long and hard work that went into OpenEJB 3 in a blog entry he titled OpenEJB Revival(/me hear's the Allman Brothers song coming on ;-) ). What began as an extended caffeine induced hackathon wound up becoming a better, faster, lighter OpenEJB that has come to influence the EJB 3.1 spec with some pretty innovative features. OpenEJB even supports EJB descriptors from other Java EE containers! This makes using OpenEJB for testing your EJBs quite easy. It also dramatically reduces the pain involved in migrating away from other EJB containers toward OpenEJB.

Back when we founded Apache Geronimo, modularity was one of the biggest drivers so it was a no-brainer to select OpenEJB as the EJB container because of it's lightweight design and approach to tackling the EJB spec. Not only did this serve Geronimo very well, but it also proved without a doubt that OpenEJB is a worthy contender.

It looks like it's definitely time to integrate OpenEJB into Apache ServiceMix now!

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