30 May 2008

Seek: A Thunderbird Extension For Improved Searching

Some time ago, I discovered the Simile project at MIT that provides open source, free extensions for both Firefox and Thunderbird that improve working with various digital assets. The
Seek extension provides a vastly improved categorization of email messages using a concept known as faceted browsing that makes searching through messages much, much easier. If you use Thunderbird, you really need to check out Seek!

Seek and faceted browsing are described very well by David Huynh in a screencast. This screencast is a must watch to understand Seek better and get a demonstration of what it provides. After watching the screencast I was hooked and had to install it. Below is a screenshot of Seek:

This is the most useful Thunderbird extension I've found yet and I highly recommend it!

Also check out some additional screencasts by David Huynh about some additional technologies in the Simile project.

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