02 April 2009

Why Hiring Consultants is Good For Business

Anyone whose seen the goofball comedy The Office knows who Dwight is and how his co-workers enjoy winding him up and watching him go. Well it turns out that the Dwights of the world (aka the oddball) or someone who thinks different or even just someone from the outside is actually good for business.

This doesn't surprise me at all because as a consultant sometimes it is odd to walk into a business and discover that the reality inside doesn't quite match the reality outside. Inviting opinions from someone who doesn't know the business and isn't afraid to ask crazy questions helps everyone to see the familiar from a different point of view. And this is partially what I enjoy about being a consultant. By not having been a part of the team, you enter the group with a fresh perspective that will hopefully spawn many ideas. So assembling a team of miscreants and hooligans is not always a bad thing ;-).


  1. Thanks for sharing informative article on 'Wwy Hiring Consultants...'. It is actually a good idea to hire a consultant to explore hidden opportunity.

  2. Well, sometimes a new strategic planning for business is needed to further develop its potential and its productivity. There are a lot of things within a business that an owner may not see but an experienced business consultant can. That is why it is always advisable to hire a consultant or two every once in a while.

  3. Think of it this way - hiring a new consultant is adding brain or power to your batteries - the real issue is always in the question of "what kind" and "who"