08 March 2011

ActiveMQ In Action Going to Print!

This week we received the final cover art for ActiveMQ In Action and the book went to the printer! Yay!!! It's been a long road, but Dejan, Rob and I can finally celebrate all our hard work on this project.

You can check out the cover art here and be sure to mouse over the image and click the link to view the full size.

There are certainly many people to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude including:
  • Jeff Bleiel, our development editor - Without Jeff's input, the book would not be what it is today
  • Gary Tully For his tireless technical reviews of the entire book
  • The Manning staff - For their arduous work on the book
  • Filip Hanik - For his assistance with Tomcat
  • Jan Bartel and Greg Wilkins - For their assistance with Jetty
  • David Jencks and Kevan Miller - For their assistance with Geronimo
  • Jaikiran Pai - For his assistance with JBoss

We would also like to thank the following list of reviewers who read the manuscript at different stages during its development and provided valuable feedback:
  • Jeff Davis
  • Deepak Vohra
  • Robert Hanson
  • Davide Piazza
  • David Strong
  • Tijs Rademakers
  • Prasad A. Chodavarapu
  • John Merryman
  • Jeroen Benckhuijsen
  • Pratik Patel
  • Scott Dawson
  • Jason Kolter
  • Rod Biresch
  • Roberto Rojas

Finally, a big thanks to the readers of Manning’s Early Access Program (MEAP) releases of the book for their comments and input via the Author Online forum.

We authored the book using DocBook XML and it was processed using the Docbkx Tools Maven plug-in on Mac OS X (To those folks who keep asking about my experience with DocBook, yes, it is worth it! Shoot me an email if you have any questions). Other items that went into the book include MacBook Pros, Google Docs, GMail, Foonz (until it shut down), FreeConferenceCall.com, barking dogs during conference calls, company acquisitions, lots and lots of music, loud construction next door, sleepless nights, too much work on airplanes, and plain old exhaustion.

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  1. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to picking up my copy :)