06 March 2008

Apple to Take on the Blackberry

An announcement by Apple on today discussed how the iPhone ready to take on BlackBerry with enterprise push. The really odd thing is that part of Apple's plan is to do this via the use of a connection with Exchange servers. I suppose Exchange is fairly widespread and a decent plan to drive adoption in the enterprise.

What I'd like to have is much better support for GMail and Google Apps on the iPhone. I think that the barrier to entry for those folks already using GMail is certainly lower than the market for those folks using Outlook/Exchange. I'd say the same for users of Yahoo mail. Apple would gain more mind share by supporting these two free email services than trying to go directly after the enterprise market directly. Dave Taylor (who also lives in Boulder) has a good post on how bad GMails sucks on a iPhone titled Why does Gmail on the iPhone suck so badly? I'm fairly certain that things will improve over time, it's just dismaying to see that Apple is more concerned with having an enterprise story than to gain a foothold by starting with consumer level awareness.

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