25 February 2008

Service Oriented Integration Made Easy With Apache Camel

Rob and James have published a great introduction to Apache Camel named SOA Made Easy with Open Source Apache Camel. This is a very light intro but it serves as a good example of how really easy Camel is to understand but how really powerful it can be. Digging into Camel is really quite easy and a lot of fun. In a short amount of time you will be easily routing messages between endpoints. Camel offers integration into a wide range of technologies using Camel URIs. For more information, see the Camel website.

A word of warning: This article is published at SysCon whose website I can hardly bear to open because of all cruft. Luckily I run a hosts file full of URLs for known advertisers that I route to a dead end so I don't see many ads.

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  1. Bruce,

    I really enjoy your blogs. I am president of the Dallas SOA UG, and we would love to hear you speak on any of your many SOA/Web Services experiences.

    Please visit our site at: http://soaug.net, and you my contact information is there if you are interested.