16 July 2008

Live From Daryl's House

Last night I flipped on the TV to catch the last 20 minutes of the Conan O'Brien show (IMO, Conan is a comedic genius). As it turned out, Daryl Hall (of Hall and Oates fame in the 1980s) played with KT Tunstall and the performance was really good. As Conan ended, he announced that Daryl has a website where he posts live performances called Live From Daryl's House. So I checked it out immediately and was blown away at the quality of the music.

I really dig live music. I enjoy it because it's an opportunity to see true musicians play raw music without the assistance of studio affects and mixing to perfection before it's heard. I refer to this as an opportunity because I've been disappointed by some musician's who turned out to be really shitty in a live setting. At any rate, Daryl's voice is as good as it's ever been, maybe better, and his band is great. The quality of the music and videos on his website is stellar (despite the damn Flash player being somewhat choppy).

Anyone who enjoyed Hall and Oates back in the early 80s will enjoy Daryl playing some familiar songs from that era as well as some new stuff. What's more, you can download the music for US$.99 per track!

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