09 July 2008

Unable to Access GMail This Morning

This morning when attempting to log into GMail I was met with the screenshot you see here telling me that and upstream system is having issues via the old HTTP 502 status code.

Interestingly I seem to be experiencing more and more issues with the Ajaxy stuff in GMail recently such as inability to access the inbox or a message, inability to refresh, inability to log into chat, etc. These issues always seem to manifest themselves via lots of loooooooooooooong pauses and the yellow status messages at the top of the pages stating 'Loading...' More recently I've taken to logging out of GMail and signing back in and the problems almost always are immediately gone then. This tells me that there must be a lot of caching in the GMail web app or long timeouts or both.

Is anyone else seeing this error or experiencing problems such as these?


  1. Gmail has been pretty crazy for me lately. Or, maybe it is FF3's fault. I don't know. I prefer to blame Google, because I'd like to believe that Firefox can do no wrong.

  2. I too have experience multitudes of issues... Its getting quite annoying.

    I'm wondering if its because Google doesn't have a sufficient QA process.