18 September 2008

Camels and Llamas at JavaZone in Norway

Yesterday I spoke about Apache Camel at the JavaZone conference here in Oslo, Norway and I was able to sneek some more funny images into my presentation. As Dan Diephouse, Jason van Zyl, Kirk Pepperdine, Geert Bevin, John Davies and I were working on our slides for our talks, we got some good laughs from the images we found including the llama car shown here. We all especially liked the bungy cord holding all five llamas onto the roof.

We also found a camel in a truck, three camels in a truck among many more images that I really shouldn't show here.

I was in Denmark a couple years ago speaking at another conference and I'm finding the weather here in Norway is very similar to Denmark (big surprise). I wish I wasn't flying out so soon so that I had time to go sight-seeing and do some exploration.


  1. And don't forget the hilarious http://www.thewebsiteisdown.com


  2. If you are brave, try searching for DYI (do it yourself) on google images. And if you want really offensive pictures, just have Cameron searching for you ;-)


  3. I do get a big kick out of http://www.thewebsiteisdown.com/ because I've worked with sys admins like this before. Though that video has some especially hilarious moments... Oh god, not now ;-)!

  4. Ah yes, thanks for the reminder about DIY. I forgot about that :-)