11 September 2008

JavaPolis >> Javoxx >> Devoxx

In yet another bitter twist of irony from the machine that is Sun, it has bitten the hand that feeds yet again by forcing BeJUG to rebrand its wildly successful European Java conference for the second time!

First Sun said JavaPolis had to change its name so it rebranded itself as Javoxx. Now Sun has decided that Javoxx must change its name so it has been rebranded Devoxx. What's truly ironic about this whole episode is that Sun is a platinum sponsor of the conference! Demonstrating yet again that Sun is an interloper.

I'm very happy to see the conference continue and not let this trip up anything. Stephan and his group have definitely taken these hits with class. Rock on BeJUG!


  1. Bruce, StephanJ left a few things out in his newsletter; the fact that we did offer him rights to use our Java mark under certain conditions....be happy to chat with you at DeVoxx or offline about the details. --Aaron Houston

  2. Yes, I'm aware of the offer extended by Sun. My complaint with Sun is and will always be the draconian nature of it's enforcement. Java wouldn't be what it is today were it not for the developer community, the developer conferences and developer publications. Pretty soon we'll have to use some symbol to refer to Java like Prince did in protest to Warner Bros.