31 October 2008

New Release of Apache Camel Now Available

The newest release of Apache Camel is now available for download! Grab the binary release as a tarball or a zip now. It includes a big list of improvements and new features driven from the Camel community. This is a great testament to the continuing widespread adoption of Camel.

Just a few of my favorite items include:

There are many, many more items in the full list of improvements, take a peek.

A couple weeks ago I spoke about Camel at the Colorado Software Summit and received a lot of wonderful feedback. Folks at the conference really enjoyed the session, so much that three separate people began writing Camel routes after seeing my session and were really enjoying its simplicity.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bruce

    Your session at Colorado really got some attention. Glad that it was received well. I had the please to see a session with you last year at Javapolis. You are truly a professional speaker.

    I was wondering if the slides from the Colorado presentation is available? Would like to link to it from the Camel articles page:

    Claus, a Camel rider