08 November 2008

ActiveMQ, Camel and ServiceMix at ApacheCon US 2008

I just returned late last night from New Orleans after speaking at the ApacheCon US 2008 conference. I had a great time seeing old friends, attending the conference and exploring the French Quarter with Guillaume, John, Shawna and Jack. Lot's of history throughout the area and the people of New Orleans were very pleasant. I've been to many cities where folks are very nonplussed by your presence, but that's not the case in New Orleans. Everyone was very friendly, forthcoming with information and helpful.

I was at ApacheCon to speak about Apache ServiceMix. Then last weekend I was contacted by my friend Aaron Mulder who informed me that his whole family was ill and he wasn&apost going to make it to the conference so he wondered if I could deliver his talk about Apache ActiveMQ at the conference. So I spent some time putting together the slides and prepared for this talk.

I was scheduled to deliver the two talks on Friday afternoon and I was prepared. Then only 20 minutes before I was to begin speaking, I got a call from my good friend Chris Custine. He was calling me to let me know that he was in the hospital in New Orleans with a herniated disk in his back (ouch!) and wondered if I could cover his talk as well. So I agreed to cover Chris' talk as well, but with a different topic - Apache Camel. Just before Chris' time slot, I explained to the attendees the situation and they were all gracious enough to let me speak about Camel.

In the end, everything went well. I just hope Chris will be OK. I even finally got to meet Joe and Roger from TTM Solutions. I only wish we'd met earlier in the week so we could have spent some more time together.

All three sets of slides have been posted to my SlideShare space.


  1. Wow... that was quite a week there Bruce! Glad it all went well for you.

    I hope Chris gets better soon.

  2. Thanks again for being so flexible and helping to cover the afternoon's worth of talks! That was incredibly helpful for us organizers.

    Let us know if there were any other questions, and if you hear when Christ gets home too.

  3. Hey Bruce, I attended at all of your sessions and they were great! Congratulations!

    Will you publish your slides?

    Thank you,
    Bruno Borges

  4. Hi Bruce

    Thanks for the great presentations! I'm looking forward to learn more about Camel and ServiceMix; Camel is definitely very cool!

    Hope we get the opportunity to meet again soon.

    Best regards