12 January 2009

Microsoft Entourage Mangles URLs

Last week we switched the mail server from Zimbra to Exchange (blech!) so I started using Entourage as my mail client (blech!). I'm not a fan of Microsoft software but I've used Entourage before and the experience was good enough - connectivity to the contat list and calendars, etc.

Everything started off OK until I realized that the URLs in the support messages I receive from the support system were mangled. WTF?! Could this really be? Here's an example of what I'm seeing. First, check out the URL below which came from a message received using Entourage:


Now check out the URL from the same message in the OWA web ui:


Notice that the first URL is missing all of the '&<parameter>' fields in the URL. The only difference with that message is that it was received from Entourage. Totally awesome!

Note that Apple Mail can connect to Exchange servers and it does not mangle URLs - woot!


  1. Any luck finding a fix for this Entourage bug?

  2. Unfortunately I've found nothing so far :-(.