30 January 2009

Playmobil Security Check Point

As a frequent traveler for business, not only did the existence of this toy make me say to myself, 'WTF? I've gotta check this out', but the most popular reviews made me laugh out loud. Never again will I pass through a security check point without thinking of this toy. To think that there's a toy modeled after those annoying and reactionary security check points in airports is completely hilarious. (I mean, really, do they make anyone feel safer?) Is there also an interrogation play set to go along with this? My First Guantanamo Bay or My First Camp XRay perhaps? Oh sorry, I guess that's Fisher Price, not Playmobil ;-).

Still, those reviews are not nearly as funny as the most popular review for the children's book The Story About Ping.

1 comment:

  1. Little Lego people pulling on latex gloves.

    Do Not Want.