17 March 2009

Apache Camel and EIP at JavaOne 2009

Looks like I'll be headed to San Francisco to speak at JavaOne in June. If you're at all familiar with the wonderful Enterprise Integration Patterns book, then this will be of interest to you since it's focused on using the EIP patterns in your applications.

I'm doing a session titled Enterprise Integration Patterns In Practice with Andreas Egloff from Sun. Andi is going to speak about Fuji and I'll be talking about Apache Camel. Both software packages allow you to make use of EIP patterns in their own way. We're planning to discuss the patterns themselves and where they might fit into your applications, the use of Domain Specific Languages to express EIP patterns, the relation of EIP patterns to items such as Message Oriented Middleware and Service Oriented Architecture and we'll do a demo of both Fuji and Camel.


  1. Hey Bruce, maybe you'd like this article I wrote about Camel + Twitter:


    Please share your thoughts!


  2. Thanks, Bruno, great idea. I've posted a link to it on the Camel articles page:


    I look forward to reading the rest.