05 March 2009

Systems Integration Has Done It Again, Mein Furer

Below is a clip from a film about Nazi Germany named Downfall(Der Untergang in German - thanks Emmanuel). The subtitles were added so as to relate the entire clip to systems integration and the seeming battle over control amongst teams inside of a company (as well as a little hat tip to my friend Ross and his system integration product named Mule). This had me laughing out loud a few times - absolutely hilarious!

For some reason the embedded video is a bit chopped so here's the link to YouTube.


  1. Hi Bruce. This is not from Valkyrie, but from "Downfall" (Der Untergang in german) :

    If you haven't seen this movie, then you have missed a masterpiece ! Bruno Ganz, who plays Hitler, is absolutly incredible.

    Otherwise, the clip is hilarious !

  2. Thanks, Emmanuel! I've updated the blog entry.

  3. oh, that is beautiful. The downfall-scene-with-subtitles is a classic, and as Emmanuel says, is a classic film- but this one is so accurate for anyone who has to work with IT central. I liked the single signon bit -if he added that passwords expired ever 23 days and IPSec would now need three physical auth devices it would be just about perfect.