05 April 2011

ActiveMQ In Action Now Available

ActiveMQ in Action is now available in print! After the long road of writing the book, it's very nice to actually see it in print. One of the first things I noticed about the final PDF was the color in the images. Manning did a very nice job of adding color. I've already had four people mention to me that they really like the colored images.

One really nice thing about Manning print books is that they include a complimentary ebook which comes in three formats: PDF, mobi, and epub when available. So if buy the print book, you will get an electronic copy include at no additional charge. This can be very handy when you don't care to lug around a print book wherever you go, but you would still like to search it for particular items.

If you want to learn about ActiveMQ and JMS, pick up your copy of ActiveMQ in Action today!


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  2. Hello i got a problem with Activemq and maybe you can help me :

    I have a topology in brokers network like this :

    producer-EmbeddedBrokerLeft <--> BrokerBridge <--> EmbeddedBokerRight-DurableConsumer

    Every thing works well at startup, i can see the customer subscription on bridge and left broker.

    The problem when i disconnect the Bridge and start it again (or use a file system master/slave) both left and right brokers resume the connection however :

    -In the leftBroker the durableConsumer (attached to the rightBroker) is offline (however it's online in the bridge) and it doesn't forward the messages stored to the bridge (as for it (left) there is no demands on bridge)

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  4. @Bakhti, I suggest that you send an email about your problem to the ActiveMQ user mailing list. Information on the ActiveMQ mailing lists is available at the following URL: