18 April 2011

Injuries Suck

If only my footwork was as talented as some of the players in this video, I probably wouldn't write code for a living! Although I have played soccer nearly all my life, I haven't sustained injuries that stopped me from playing since I was in high school when I fully severed my right ACL.

A few years ago, my wife and I began playing in a coed indoor soccer league on Friday nights on a team of friends. Last year, she sustained a hip injury during a game that took her out of all sports for a couple months while it healed. Luckily she healed well and got back to running and soccer. Well this spring it seems is my turn with the injuries.

About five weeks ago I sustained an injury to some ribs that left them pretty badly bruised and they are still not 100% healed (I still cannot sleep on my left side!). Then about 10 days ago, a swift kick to the lower, inside of the tibia just above the ankle and just outside my shin guards caused a sizable hematoma on my leg. It's basically a pocket of blood that forms under the skin when the wall of a blood vessel is damaged and allows blood to flow into the surrounding tissue. Not only is the area of the injury very swollen and discolored, but it has caused my entire ankle and heel to swell and discolor. The photo below looks similar to my injury but mine is on the inside of the tibia.

I applied ice to the injury all week, and then began alternating heat treatments near the end of the week. After wrapping it up good, I decided to play on Friday night. What a mistake that wound up being. Near the end of the first half, I was checked into the boards causing my ankles to smack together right on the hematoma. Needless to say that took me out for the game, barely able to walk on the injured leg.

As I awoke on Saturday morning because of the pain in my leg, I had reserved myself to the thought of rest until it heals. The doctor told me that it could take up to four months for this to heal! I was stunned when he told me this. He also said if the hematoma didn't go away on it's own, it could require a surgical procedure. Geez! As much as I love playing soccer, I guess I will have to stop until this injury is healed. Well I guess I will be playing more guitar and cycling :-).

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