08 June 2011

Ben Harper Live in Denver, CO

Last night Matt Good, Matt Raible, Trish and I went to see Ben Harper with Relentless7 in Denver and it was an incredible show!

I haven't seen Ben Harper in a few years and the last time I did his original band, The Innocent Criminals, was playing with him. They were an amazingly talented set of musicians that I had already enjoyed for many years on their records. So I was pleasantly surprised at the caliber of musicians who is Relentless7. This show was so good, and Ben Harper was so outstanding, it was like a religious experience! The crowd and the band enjoyed the show so much that they came out for three or four encoures which is fairly unheard of in the live music scene.

Now I'm looking forward to our next show at Red Rocks in July, Soundgarden.

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