06 December 2007

The Cult in Denver, CO

Chris and I saw The Cult on Monday night at the Fillmore in Denver. I've seen them numerous times over the years and I've always been a very big fan. They played a number of older songs which was cool, but they also only played for about 75 mintues. We both found this kinda odd.

The new album is called Born Into This and is quite good, both lyrically and musically. It really stabs at life today as being quite gluttonous, eluding to the fact that the world culture has lost its way. In fact, during the show they played the video below for one of their latest songs.

The video includes footage of demonstrations and police crackdown in Burma but evidently the song is about rampant consumerism. Reading the lyrics makes this a bit clearer.

It was good to see them again, but for some reason the show wasn't that long and the entire band seemed to leave the stage in anger - who knows. I still like The Cult ;-).

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