05 December 2007

Sun's Appalling Behavior With OpenDS

Recently it came to my attention that Sun has exhibited yet another set of appalling behavior on one it's so-called <quote>open source projects</quote>. IMO, anything Sun has released as open source that only contains Sun folks is always suspect. This particular episode is quite egregious and really demonstrates Sun's lack of understanding of how open source works.

Without rehashing the details, I'll just provide a link to Dave Shields' blog entry about this particular occurrence which is aptly titled OpenDS: On Being Bitten By The Hand That Once Fed You. David also links to the An Open Letter to the OpenDS Community and to Sun Microsystems that details the real story.

I really feel for the guys on the project who tried to do the right thing as the situation that Sun forced on them really does suck. This is a good demonstration of how big companies ruin open source projects.


  1. every story has two sides..

  2. True, but this still doesn't excuse the behavior of those middle managers at a human level.

    On a slightly different topic, Sun's open source strategy is all over the board. The lack of consistency makes it clear that as a company, Sun keeps changing its mind.

  3. Sun more or less means "shared source" much of the time it says open source. A shared source project can be licensed under an open source license without being itself open source per se. Fortunately through forking a shared source codebase can be rehosted in an open source project.