23 January 2008

Understanding the Threads Allocated in Apache ActiveMQ

If you're using Apache ActiveMQ you should really check out this article. Hiram posted this article on entitled Understanding the Threads Allocated in ActiveMQ (updated link on 13 May 2017).

Hiram wastes no time and dives right down into the heart of the matter to look at how threading works in ActiveMQ from the producer VM to broker VM to the consumer VM. As I read the article I realized that it began with the most amount of threads for asynchronous messaging and was slowly working backwards to less and less threading. At that point I wondered if it was going to completely flatten the threading and remove all buffering from the equation. And that's just where the article went :-).

This is a quick read but is very valuable if you're interested in architecture of ActiveMQ.


  1. Horrible linking - where is the link to the article.

  2. The missing link is http://open.iona.com/wiki/display/ProdInfo/Understanding+the+Threads+Allocated+in+ActiveMQ

  3. The link is not working any more