30 January 2008

Cisco's Newest Switch is 20 Times Faster!!!

How would you like to download every movie Netflix has in 40 seconds?! Well Cisco's Nexus 7000 switch claims to be able to support routing 15 terabits of data per second if you can believe that. Crikey! Cisco is claiming that this new swtich is 20 times faster than anything on the market today. There's a very cool interative 3D model of it here.

Evidently this jump in speed is at least partially due to the consolidation of fibre channel, Infiniband and ethernet into a new, smarter type of ethernet cable. The whole idea is to take the virtualization wave that is sweeping the IT industry to the next level to allow for greater sharing of resources across cities and even timezones - whoa! A bit more information is available in this Forbes article if you're interested.

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