29 January 2008

Using Apple's J2SE Source in Eclipse - Again

This past weekend I had a much larger hard drive installed in my MacBook Pro which required a fresh install of MacOS X on the new drive. This meant I had to manually reinstall the Apple Developer Tools and some other stuff. So today I needed to open some source code from the JDK in Eclipse and it wouldn't resolve. I remembered going through this before and that I had blogged about it so referred back to the old blog entry about using Using Apple's J2SE Source in Eclipse. After a quick check for the src.jar file, I knew what the problem was immediately. However, the installation of Apple's J2SE 5.0 Release 4 Developer Documentation package failed because I now have a newer version of the J2SE installed. Shit.

Pacifist to the Rescue
So I immediately launched Pacifist so that I could pluck the JARs from the package to manually put them in place on disk. Pacifist allowed me to do this in less than a minute and all I had to do was cycle Eclipse. Problem solved ;-).

If you're a MacOS X user and ever need to pluck items from inside of a package, then you need the Pacifist. This is not the first time it has saved me and I hazard a guess it won't be the last.

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  1. Thanks for the tip Bruce - this has been nagging me for a while and now it's fixed.