13 February 2008

Public Training for ActiveMQ and ServiceMix

IONA is offering some public trainings for both Apache ActiveMQ and Apache ServiceMix. The following dates are the first two:

London,UK - March 11-14
Waltham, MA - March 17-20

There's even a pricing break by signing up for both classes. For information, see the Public Training page on the Open.IONA website.

IONA utilizes the products from its FUSE line of products that are based on Apache products for these trainings. But everything from the training transfers without issue to the Apache versions as well.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Bruce,
    I just found out today that due to some scheduling issues, the Waltham training is happening on March 17 - 20 instead of the February dates you mentioned. More info is at this link