09 June 2008

3G iPhone Announced With GPS

It looks like Apple has announced the 3G iPhone and it contains GPS. I've been holding off on buying an iPhone, waiting for the 3G announcement. I suspected that the price would drop, more features would be added and I had hoped that more service providers might be added.

The new iPhone will be priced as $200 for the 8GB model and $300 for the 16GB model, considerably less than the first generation iPhones, but I was surprised that more storage was not added. Unfortunately at&t is still the only service provider in the U.S :-(. That's the one big thing that causes me to pause on buying one.

What are your experiences with an iPhone and at&t? Also, what about roaming charges for international travelers?


  1. i've spoken to a lot of people that have concerns about AT&T, and i frankly don't really understand them.

    it's not that AT&T is perfect: far from it. i'm just not convinced they suck more than the alternatives.

    i've been customers of AT&T, Cingular (when they were separate), and Verizon over the years, and have worked with those who've had Nextel, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

    AT&T coverage, in my experience, offers more than adequate coverage nationally, with specific regional shortcomings (they don't cover Grand Lake, for example, while Verizon does). but every carrier has those (Verizon doesn't work where i summer in Maine, while AT&T does).

    criticisms on price are valid, particularly relative to, say, T-Mobile, but the coverage and spectrum (AT&T has 850 band service, T-Mobile does not) justify the premium in that case.

    so yes, AT&T can suck. but they can suck just like Verizon et al.

    IMO, anyway.

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