09 June 2008

Apple Announces MobileMe

Along with the 3G iPhone announcement, Apple also announced MobileMe, a service to automatically keep your iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and PC in sync.

This service looks really nice but I wonder about the data plan being offered seems to be quite small. For $99/year you get 20GB of storage space and 200GB of data transfer. An additional 20GB of storage can be added for $49/year and 40GB of storage for $99/year. I suppose the storage needs to be limited because the iPhone storage is so small. Which begs the question, can I flag certain items so that they won't be sync'd to certain devices?

Anyway, there's a guided tour video here that spells it all out.

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  1. Bruce: What impresses me with MobileMe is the massive volume of records being replicated on multiple devices. Redundant records of e-mail, text messages and more spawn and ever-growing treasure of evidence to search through in the event of lawsuits, divorces and all manner of criminal investigations. --Ben http://hack-igations.blogspot.com/2007/11/instant-message-retention-e-discovery.html