04 June 2008

The Google Shell - goosh.org

Check out goosh.org to see the Google Shell. Simply visit the website and it's interface is a command line shell that offers a set of commands and modes to expose Google services in the shell. I've posted some examples of simple searches I did for a band named Death Cab For Cutie and I like.

This is a cool concept, but I would much rather have shell access to Google services on my local command line. Don't get me wrong, this a useful idea but I'd rather pipe searches and stuff to the services from my iTerm than open a browser to get a command line. Seems a bit backwards to me. Anyway, it's a cool experiment, check it out!


  1. cool thing! Funny idea.
    your "enhancement suggestion" would be cool as well

  2. It's a nice interface of Google search. Find anything in a simple way, nice..!