05 February 2009

New Chapters Available From ActiveMQ in Action

More new chapters were made available from ActiveMQ in Action today via the Manning Early Access Program. Please note that the list of chapters available at the link above is slightly incorrect. We're working to get the page corrected, but in the meantime, below is the correct list of chapters that are currently available:

  • Chapter 1 - Understanding message-oriented middleware and JMS

  • Chapter 2 - Introduction to Apache ActiveMQ

  • Chapter 3 - Understanding connectors

  • Chapter 4 - Persisting messages

  • Chapter 5 - Securing Apache ActiveMQ

  • Chapter 6 - Creating Java applications with ActiveMQ

  • Chapter 8 - Connecting to ActiveMQ with other languages

  • Chapter 12 - Tuning ActiveMQ for performance

The real reason that the numbering is off is due to us writing some chapters out of order. We're using DocBook to author the book with each chapter set up as a separate XML file and we're using XInclude to gather them into a book. When you assemble DocBook documents in this manner, the numbering is automatic. Because we skipped some chapters, the numbering is simple one-based numbering and it disregards us skipping some chapters. Simple to live with for the time-being.

The Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) is interesting because it gives readers access to the chapters as we (the authors) write them. These chapters have not yet undergone any copy editing and are provided in a PDF that I built on my laptop personally. This means that the chapters are fairly raw but it also means that you can provide feedback to the authors via the forums. And we really like that feedback because it helps to improve the quality of the book.

If you're interested to read the book as it's being written and to even provide some feedback before it's actually published, I encourage you to start using MEAP. Your feedback will improve the quality of the book for everyone.


  1. Hi Bruce,

    It would be great if you could add some sections on how to stress test ActiveMQ with JMeter

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I think that type of content would be better suited for an ActiveMQ cookbook (hint, hint ;-).