23 August 2008

from(Keynote 4).to(Powerpoint 2008).sucks()

See this kid here? This is what Powerpoint 2008 told me today after exporting a presentation from Keynote 4.x and attempting to open it in Powerpoint.

I was pretty concerned, but certainly not out of ideas. So I began to Google and found that others were also experiencing the issue, and I discovered that manually removing all the presenter notes from the presentation worked around the issue. This was good news - yay! The bad news was that I had nearly 400 slides in the presentation with notes in nearly half of the slides :-(.

Lesson learned: Until Apple fixes Keynote to export to the Powerpoint 2008 format properly or Powerpoint 2008 can open the Powerpoint 2004 format without crashing, don't put notes in your Keynote presentations.

For those who don't know, the API-like title is taken from the Apache Camel API for message routing and mediation.

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  1. I agree. Powerpoint 2008 sucks! You can't insert a batch of photos at once anymore either - you have to do it one at a time...argh!