27 August 2008

m2eclipse Loves Test Reports

Just a quick note about developing with m2eclipse and how much easier it makes tasks. When running tests in Eclipse, m2e now creates a link to the surefire report for quick access. See the image above for a screenshot. This is so much better than using cat or less from the command line because it just saves time (and I love the command line!). A single click v. typing many keys to view the report - rockin.

Thanks, Eugene ;-).


  1. You are most welcome, Bruce. Thanks to you for the enhancement request :)

    By the way, it gets even better. When you click to that link, it open text editor that may show the stack trace. Now if you happen to have Mylyn installed, you will get nice hyperlinks from the stack traces back to the code. I've contributed that hyperlink detector for Mylyn while ago.

  2. That's the next thing I was going to ask about actually, Eugene. Now I need to fix the dependency issue I was having yesterday with Mylyn ;-).